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Last year’s FleetDive holiday winner says…

The lucky winner of the holiday from Fleet Dive, at Scuba Santas 2013, was Rob from Scubaducks. He was absolutely delighted with his prize and reports: “In June this year my buddy Nathan and I flew out to Catalonia to see what FleetDive and the Spanish coast had to offer. To put it simply, it […]

O’Three Donates 2 Point Below Base + (PBB+) Tops

Yet another raffle prize has been added to our impressive and tempting list for the Scuba Santas 2013 draw. O’Three has donated 2 of their Point Below Base+ (PBB+) thermal layer tops, each worth £49.95. As O’Three point out, internal thermal insulation for dry suits is fundamentally important. Divers need to understand thermal layering and […]

Kent Tooling Diving Products £50 vouchers to be won

Once again Scuba Santas is pleased to have received the generous support of Kent tooling diving products , who are donating three £50 vouchers for their excellent marine-grade diving products. The products that John and his team sell are amazing pieces of hard-wearing diving equipment that you can rely on in any dive situation. (As a bonus their equipment […]

DDRC Diving Doc at Scuba Santas 2013

Talk: DDRC Diving doc at Scuba Santas 2013 Dr Simon Williams, a specialist in Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine will be at Scuba Santas 2013 and available between about 10am to noon to answer any Fitness-To-Dive queries you may have. Simon is one of the on-call doctors from DDRC Healthcare which is the charity that runs […]

Analox donate £50 voucher for one of their sensors to Scuba Santas 2012 raffle

Analox, the defacto brand for gas analysers for recreational and technical scuba diving are donating a £50 voucher to the Scuba Santas 2012 raffle.   Established in 1981, Analox Ltd are experienced in working within the commercial and military market places in 2001 we entered the sport diving market. They are now recognised as the providers or an elite […]

DDRC Donates Dive Accident Responder Courses

DDRC is donating 2 free places to their Dive Accident Responder Course (DARC) worth £99 each. The 1 day course prepares recreational divers for managing a diving accident. You also get a Chamber Dive.   DDRC is a charity operating from the Hyperbaric Medical Centre in Plymouth, providing medical treatment to divers and using hyperbaric oxygen […]