Why Register

Whilst registering for Scuba Santas is not required it does however help us with the following:

  1. Event administration on the day is significantly simplified with attendees only requiring a signature to be part of the event
  2. Event planning is made easier as we can anticipate numbers on the day (we need to order up the mince pies etc.!)
  3. We can plan the number of event ‘goodies’ (*) required
  4. By having registered numbers we can use this to increase how attractive Scuba Santas is for corporate sponsorship
  5. If we have any last minute meteorological disasters (!) we can get in touch with people to notify them of any changes

If someone decides to come along at the last minute though, please do encourage them to come along.

(*) Event ‘goodies’ are dependant on corporate sponsorship, currently limited to a maximum of 250, but if there are significant numbers this will be increased.

REGISTER at http://bit.do/scuba-santas-2014


Your Data / Privacy

  1. Your data will not:
    1. be passed to any third parties
    2. used for marketing or advertising (except for the event itself)
  2. Your data will be used:
    1. to help plan event
    2. ease on-the-day event administration
    3. contact you with event and fund-raising updates (max 1 per week close to the event)
    4. contact you about future Scuba Santas events
    5. help improve future events

If you have any concerns about your data please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Removal of Registration

To remove your details from our system simply get in contact with us and your information will be removed immediately.