Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked…with some (hopefully useful!) answers…

For the record the ‘rules’ state that a Santa must have:

  • Red suit with white trim
  • White beard
  • Red hat (white trim)
  • black belt (weight belt will do here)

For the ladies who do not wish to wear the masculine Santa outfit a similarly lavish Lady Santa suit will be ok for the record, but it can’s just be a Santa outfit with no beard.

Where is the event held?

Since 2011 our event has taken place at the NDAC (National Diving & Activity Centre) near Chepstow. Please follow the link for more details and directions.  The owners of NDAC have been very helpful and supportive of the event and we hope that together we can help the event grow and improve.

For the 2007 – 2010 events Scuba Santas was held at Vobster Quay inland diving centre, but Scuba Santas was not affiliated with or organised by Vobster Quay who simply acted as a host venue.

Do I need to register?

No, there is no need to register, BUT it is really helpful to us if you can pre-register so we have an idea of numbers expected. It is still perfectly OK for you to turn up at the gate on the day though. Please do remember to register at the Scuba Santas welcome point in the NDAC car park, otherwise you will not be counted towards any world record attempt!

What is the water temperature like? Will it be freezing?

Water temperature around this time of year is approximately 4 degrees Celcius (however, in 2013 it was a positively balmy 8 degrees C!). Please ensure that your thermal protection is adequate and you are prepared for the dive. Semi-dry suits should be ok but please ensure that that you change as soon as possible after getting out of the water.

Dive times are generally never more than 30 minutes, however if we go for the world record attempt, all divers must be under the water for a simultaneous period of 10 minutes.

If you begin to feel the effects of the cold in a large way please inform somebody from the Scuba Santas team who will endeavour to get you as warm and dry as soon as possible.

Do I need to make any special equipment changes for the dive?

Additional dangers are created due to the cold of the dive and the Santa costume.

Whilst at home please check all of your equipment thoroughly, bringing along gloves and hats for pre/post-dive are a good idea. When checking your equipment on the surface to prevent free flows prevent breathing too much from your regulator whilst out of the water.

With regards to your Santa outfit, if wearing a dry suit please ensure that any vents are free to vent air, this generally involves cutting a hole in the shoulder or the cuff.

Where can I make donations?

Please see

What time is the Scuba Santas dive?

We aim to get the dive underway at around 10:30am. Events kick off just after 9:30am. NDAC opens at 8:00am. There is plenty of parking and so arriving very early is unnecessary.