Scuba Santas 2015

12 day night

Welcome to Scuba Santas!

Group shot Scuba Santas 2013

Scuba Santas!

Scuba Santas will take place on the 5th December 2015 at the national diving and activity centre.  After 8 fantastic, fundraising events, raising well in excess of £20,000 by scuba diving dressed up in Santa costumes, the 2015 event will be one to remember with lots new ideas coming over the next few weeks.

In 2013 DDRC Healthcare stepped in to organise the event (with continued support from long term Scuba Santas organiser and volunteer Lloyd Watkin) but they have had to make the difficult decision to withdraw from this event, due to a lack of resources. You can read more from DDRC Healthcare about this on their blog . However the event will go on supporting us as well as the RNLI

Our host since 2011 has been the National Diving & Activity Centre (NDAC) who have provided us with a fantastic location and a warm welcome (including hot chocolate and mince pies!). Keep an eye on their website for details of scuba Santas 2015 as well as here .

We have been seriously blown away by the continued generosity of many companies and individuals who have donated some fantastic prizes, year after year, to help us with our fundraising prize draws. In particular we must thank Fleet Dive for donating a diving holiday in Spain for the last few years in succession. The winners have had some fantastic diving with Fleet Dive and you can see some pictures from the 2014 winner on the Fleet Dive Facebook page.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who has taken part in any of our events. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! HAPPY SCUBA DIVIN 

Some Scuba Santas History…

‘Scuba Santas’ was originally founded by Lloyd Watkin  a member of Yorkshire Divers, later the event moved from Vobster to NDAC. In 2013, diving and hyperbaric medicine charity DDRC Healthcare came on board to support Lloyd as ‘Scuba Santas Little Helpers’!

In 2007 we raised a few hundred pounds for the RNLI with 8 participating Santas, a Viking, a snowman, and a fairy!  By the 2012 event we passed the amazing milestone of £20,000 and we have motivated people to start similar events all over the world since.

In 2009 we set the World Record for ‘Most Scuba Diving Santas’ with 158 fabulous Scuba Santas.

Not only was this event a great advert for British scuba diving, it provided much needed funds for two great charities, and despite the chilly temperatures helped to get some grumpy people smiling and feeling festive!