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By | 17 December 2012

With Scuba Santas 2012 done and dusted, its time to look back on another great event and then start rushing headlong into planning for Scuba Santas 2013!


We’ve written up a review of the 2012 event here: Scuba Santas 2012 event summary, we hope you’ll agree with our appraisal and it would be great to hear from your via the comments section, on facebook, or via twitter (as always – we love hearing from all Scuba Santas!).


The summary covers:

  • Success!
  • Photographs and the RNLI Book
  • Raffle prizes and sponsors
  • Fundraising
  • Scuba Santas 2013


Scuba Santas 2012 event summary



As always Scuba Santas 2013 will be held on our traditional last (sensible) Sunday before Christmas. That makes Scuba Santas 2013….


Sunday 15th December 2013


Hope to see you there, have a great Christmas and an awesome 2013!

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