Poseidon donate Xstream Duration regulator worth £500 to our charity auction…

By | 5 December 2011

Poseidon, creators of some of the most rugged and performant diving equipment, have donated a Poseidon Xstream duration regulator worth £500 to our Scuba auction.

The regulator of choice for demanding divers using air or trimix O2 Certfied. Outstanding performance and certified to 200 metres.

Colours: Black, Yellow
Materials: Durable PCS housing with metal mechanism and rubber parts.
Technical features: Trimix and air, 5 LP and 2 HP­ports, Low WOB ­ Servo assisted, Certified to 200 m, Delivered with a 70 cm hose, O2 Certfied.

The item is now available for you to bid on here: Charity scuba auction.

To place a proxy bid in the auction please go here Scuba Santas charity auction, and to see a list of auction items and raffle prizes please go here: Scuba Santas raffle prizes and auction items

Scuba Santas is an annual World record holding event held each year and organised by Lloyd Watkin and members of the Yorkshire Divers diving club. The official website of scuba santas is http://d2587961.u189.pipeten.co.uk. The 5th annual event in 2011 will be held at the National Diving and Activity Centre (NDAC), near Chepstow where we will hope to break our own world record, and raise funds for the RNLI.
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