Divesigns.com donate to Scuba Santas prize list!

By | 23 November 2011

Divesigns.com have just announced that they are also donating to the Scuba Santas Christmas raffle with a £30 gift voucher!

Divesigns.com create hard wearing vinyl stickers for your dive gear, adding both safety and an extra sense of cool to your equipment. The stickers themselves make excellent Christmas gifts for divers , but they’re even better when there’s a chance of getting them for free!


Each year at Scuba Santas we hold a raffle to raise additional funds for the RNLI. This year we’re also adding an auction, grab yourself a bargin!


All you have to do to enter is make a donation and ensure we have your details! If you donate via justgiving then include your email or other contact details, on the day ensure that you leave your details with the team. Diving prizes are donated by generous diving and diving related companies and really help make scuba santas an even more fun event!


If you know any companies that would be interested in donating to the diving raffle and/or auction then make sure they get in touch with us ASAP as the event is drawing ever closer!


For more information on the diving prize list for 2011 please click:  Diving prizes and auction items


Scuba Santas is an annual World record holding event held each year and organised by Lloyd Watkin and  members of the Yorkshire Divers diving club. The official website of scuba santas is http://d2587961.u189.pipeten.co.uk.  The 5th annual event in 2011 will be held at the National Diving and Activity Centre (NDAC), near Chepstow where we will hope to break our own world record, and raise funds for the RNLI.

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